Brand positioning and portfolio management

At Idephix Brand Engineers we help you maximize the return on your marketing investments. Based on your company’s business strategy and our deep knowledge of fact- and evidence based research in marketing we develop dinstinctive brands and the most effective marketing strategies to grow your brand(s).

We help companies through consultancy projects, training, and research. As a result you will be able to provide you with: develop:

> Realistic and evidence-based goals for your brand’s growth,
> strong and relevant positionings that help to distinuish brands
> strategies and tactics to reach a comprehensive and future proof brand protfolio
> scenario building on brand architecture
> confidence in return on creative and media investments,
> the right KPI’s and benchmarks to track and
> a marketing strategy that is well-aligned to the balance of short and longer term business needs.


Getting it done

We like to see ourselves as Brand Engineers, because engineers do not stop when the blue print has been developed. We also aim to build and realize results. As Brand Engineers we advise our clients on brand and marketing strategy and help them with the implementation of those strategies. Our efforts really make a difference, not only on paper.

Idephix also has substantial experience in directing creative partners (i.e. advertising- and design agencies) to translate concepts and strategies into truly ‘strong’ or effective brand communications. We’ve built up a track-record in B2C, B2B and not-for-profit industries.


On our clients list are both Dutch and international companies:

  • Finance: ABN AMRO, SNS Reaal, SNS Bank, Regiobank, BLG Wonen, Florius Hypotheken
  • Energy: Eneco
  • Pharma: Medsen Apotheken, Wyeth
  • TNT Post
  • Foodservice: DeliXL
  • ICT/ Tech: Virtual Affairs
  • E-commerce: Drukwerkdeal.nl
  • Travel: Bizztravel
  • Chemical: Akzo Nobel, Air Products
  • Health/ medical: VU medical centre, Dimence Mental Hospitals, Sinai Hospital, Univé-VGZ-IZA
  • Governemental: Municipality of Ommen, Municipality of  Utrecht, Municipality of Arnhem
  • FMCG: Inbev, Maaza Fruit Drinks
  • Not-for-profit: AgentschapNL, Dutch Refugee Council, CNV Vakmensen, Jinc, HumanityHouse, Cliniclowns